Founded on the belief that technology could provide lower costs per pound and greater on-time accuracy, at Pro the use of technology has proven an invaluable tool for our customers. Annually we invest in our proprietary systems (ODBC) for electronic communications that better enables us to track shipments and execute deadlines. We continue to reinvest in ways to better use technology unique to, and specially designed for, the movement of dated materials.

We employ a proprietary system to enhance client reporting capability and order tracking for newspapers and delivery agents. We custom code all distribution points, track on-line status, consolidate shipments, create on-line distribution schedules prior to press date and customize manifests. We track each order from production to final delivery. With our Automatic Shipping Notification system, we electronically notify newspapers and distributors of the exact delivery date and time. Customers know exactly where their shipment is. Our commitment to technology doesn’t stand still; we continually improve with our customer’s expectations.